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Quite often I am asked "How should I dress for my session" so I decided to create this helpful section. Please ensure you are well rested and relaxed for the shoot as this helps produce the best images :)

Maternity Photos

Moms:  Please ensure you have your hair, makeup and nails done, bring a variety of comfortable/casual outfits such as jeans/yoga pants and tank top. Please also bring dressy outfits such as nice maternity skirt/top/dress.Please also make sure you have either a bandeau or a strapless bra and dressy shoes or sandals.  If you do not have much in the way of maternity dresses, not to worry...I do offer a variety of sizes and colors of maternity dresses for you to use.  Also, if possible please bring a couple of your husband's  dress shirts where you can do at least the first few buttons done up (Just belly showing). Also, if you are self conscious about your arms, shirts/tops with 3/4 sleeves are flattering.

Husbands:  Please bring outfits that coordinate with what your wife is wearing. Please consider a few casual outfits such as jeans or khakis and a plain t-shirt (No Prints)and sandals and dressy outfits such as dress pants, shirt, tie and sports jacket/blazer and dress shoes.

Kids: Matching or coordinating colors as mom. Please consider few casual outfits (Jeans and a plain white t-shirt look very nice) along with a few nice outfits Girls: Dresses or skirt and nice top. Boys: Dress pants and nice shirt/top/sweater/vest. You may also want to bring a few of their favorite comfort toys or books to keep them occupied in between shoots.

Family or Kids Only Photos

Please bring both casual and dressy outfits (See Maternity Photos for ideas). Keep in mind that bold patterns or neon colors can often take away from the look of the photo. Depending on the child's size, I do also offer a variety of outfits.

Some color combinations to consider: Khaki Pants and Red or Brown tops or earth tones; Blue jeans and plain white t-shirts; All black